Grain Cuts

In the direction of the grain: Plank cut in the direction of the growth of the grain.


Cross grain: Plank cut parallel to the contrary direction of growth of the wood grain.


Cutting up: Sawing up


Stud: Cut plank


Square: To cut a plank of wood at right angles in order to achieve a square or rectangular shape.


Crust: Exterior part of the tree trunk with bark that is not used in the making of planks.


Flat cut: Plank cut from the exterior section of the tree trunk that produces growth rings at various angles from one another. Thin veneers are usually cut using a slicing or peeling technique. Some thin veneers are also obtained through quarter cuts.


Quarter cut: Plank cut from the middle section of the tree trunk which produces growth rings that are parallel to one another. Solid woods are usually harvested from quarter cuts or rift cuts to prevent wood malformations.


Rift cut: Wood planks cut near the heart of the trunk which produces almost parallel growth rings.


Burl: Cut from an outgrowth on the tree trunk or bramble.


Bramble: Wood harvested from the root of a tree.


Veneer: Fine slice of wood peeled from a tree trunk.

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