A custom countertop

Our workshop is full of resources! You can, among other things, have your panels cut to the desired dimensions and make your custom kitchen countertops.


The laminated wood panels are manufactured according to the rules of the art by the most experienced staff. The laminated pieces can reach dimensions up to 48" wide, 8 feet long and 2 ¼" thick.


No worries about your food, we use food grade glue following cabinetry standards to ensure its durability.


Choice of species


No matter what look you are looking for, our advisers will be able to choose the type of product to use and the finish product to apply.

You can choose from all of our available species.



African Mahogany


Plantation Teak



3 of our most popular species


Choice of border finish


Depending on where the countertop will be installed, you may want to have a different finish. You will have the opportunity to choose one for each side.



Choice of a finishing product

Once your counter is received, you can apply the desired finishing product. In store, you will get all the necessary advice whether it is in relation to the choice of product, the color or the method of application.

If you still want to learn more about the different options available to you, click here.


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